my thoughts on the Gumball finale

July 4, 2019

my thoughts on the Gumball finale

Gumball was a unique cartoon when I first saw it. It had an out-of-the-box animation presentation using several techniques like hand drawing, live action, puppets, clay figures, etc.. The humor is great, the animation is strong and the lines are witty. Almost like The Simpsons or Family Guy for very young kids. It had great songs like “Nobody’s a Nobody” and “If its hard to forgive then just give”. This cartoon was never afraid to reference current pop cultures and other cartoons like the animes Dragonball Z and Sailormoon.

The build-up towards the final episodes after six seasons were great and the expectations were high as you see the noise (or heard.. LOL) it created on social media. Banana Joe's mom had the power to predict the future through paintings and everybody was imagining how these paintings will transition into the next episodes. And then the finale aired.. did the final episode lived up to it? IMHO, its just "OK".. not great, not very bad, but, just ok. The cartoon creator, Ben Bocquelet, was rumored to be trying to catapult the finale into a movie (ala-Steven Universe) but it never happened. 

The last episode begins with a superintendent coming to Gumball's school and started changing the way the students behave by trying to convert them less "cartoonish" and more, err.. "human". Gumball and Darwin knew what he was doing and they wanted to be just as "themselves", as the show showcased diversity and loving yourself for what or who you are, and so they tried to stop him. The superintendent was actually Rob in disguise trying to change them so that he could prevent something from happening, but before he could say anything, Tina the T-Rex knocked him out. Next scene is he got sucked into a void. . then, we have credits.. like the ending credits.. like the super ending credit.. no after-credit Marvel movie scene here people.

YES, the finale is a CLIFFHANGER! I also feel like that by giving a vague ending, most viewers will not realize this as not a finale and will keep watching all the re-runs by Cartoon Network.  Ka-ching!!

Adventure Time, Steven Universe or even Powerpuff Girls had a more satisfying final episode than this. I hope Apple and Onion (the next show poised to replace Gumball) can deliver better on the ending-part than Gumball.